AHOY! WELCOME on board to our boat the S/V TinkerBelle. She is a 1999 Hunter 310. She is very roomy for a boat of her size and class – sleeping up to 7 people (4 adults comfortably). The cabin has 2 staterooms, a V-berth (kind of like a V-shaped double bed) in the bow with a door; and an aft berth (another double bed) with a door. The saloon has a settee and dinette area which can be used as a single and double bed respectively. There is a head (the bathroom) with a manual operating commode and shower. The galley (small kitchen) has a 2 eye propane stove, a microwave* and refrigerator. There is an air conditioner* and stereo-CD. Bottle drinking water. Topside, on deck, are the rigging and sails, aft swim platform and BBQ grill. [* = Only work when connected to shore power] Marina has bathroom with shower facilities and a pool.

The following are some useful and safety tips.


  • Packing: Pack only the basic necessities. Remember space within the cabin is at a premium. Pack in a collapsible bag (a laundry or garbage bag is great; no suitcases, please). Wear soft-sole boat or tennis shoes (no black soles) and bring a pair of beach shoes/sandals, beach towel and toiletries. For sun and wind protection, bring a long sleeve shirt, windbreaker, hat with chinstrap, sunglasses (croaker strap for your glasses) and sunscreen. In the summer time, a bathing suit with T-shirt for daywear and shorts with a shirt or shift for afternoon & evening. For cool nights and in colder months add long pants with sweater, sweatshirt and/or coat.

  • Food: What to bring will depend on the trip plans and will be discussed directly with you.
  • Personal Needs: Be sure to have your medicines, personal items, etc. Please let us know about food allergies, any special medical or physical conditions. First-aid kit is very limited.

LEARNING SOME NAUTICAL TERMS (That way no one will know if it’s your first time).

Orient yourself by facing for or forward toward the bow, the front of the boat.
The left side of the boat is port (the wine I am drinking right now). The right side is starboard. The area aft is toward the stern, the back of the boat. At the very back is the swim platform. The topside is the area of sides above the waterline and the deck area including the cockpit. The cockpit, where the boat is operated, includes the helm (steering wheel), controls and seating. The headsail, front triangle sail, is a furled genoa and the big sail is the mainsail, attached to the mast and boom. The operating lines (not ropes) are called sheets and halyards (lift the sails).


  • See “Directions and Map to Southport, NC” for driving and location of parking and the boat.

  • NO SMOKING. Thank you. Boats and fires don’t mix well.

  • Boarding: Always check and clean your shoes/feet of sand and muck before boarding a boat. Ask and receive permission to go on (board) or walk across a boat. To board, go from both feet on the dock by stepping 1 foot at a time to the gunwale or gunnel (outer edge of the boat deck), then step over the lifelines, otherwise you might slip. Reverse the procedure to disembark. You may board via the swim platform if docked to allow access.

  • Your stateroom: There are small hanging closets and bins to stow your gear. When not using your items stow them so they don’t roll around.

  • The head (toilet): Put nothing but human waste and a small amount of toilet paper (4 squares maximum at a time) and always put the seat & top back down. Instructions will be given how to operate it after you arrive. When in our slip at the marina, to the extent possible use the marina facilities (bathrooms, showers & swimming pool). On the water, showering can be done in the head or my favorite the swim platform. Conserve water at all times (only 25 gal tank). Get wet (or outside use the ocean), then cut off water; soap up, then turn water on to rinse. Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth.

  • Relax, walk around the boat and marina, visit downtown and just get ready for sailing and fun.

  • Weekend destinations other than Southport. Most popular is Bald Head Island as a daysail or overnighter. Others are being on the hook (anchor) at Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach or Dutchman Creek.

  • There is a PFD (personal floatation device or life preserver jacket) for each person aboard and for Polly. Any child 13 years and younger must wear a PFD except when inside the cabin or on the ground.

  • A MOB (Man Over Board) kit is on the stern pulpit. In the event of MOB, (1) keep your eyes on the MOB and point at him/her, (2) yell “man overboard!” and (3) throw a cushion or floatation devise overboard.

  • We are responsible for your and the boat’s safety, please cooperate with any requested.

  • Sit down or stand back out of the way of one performing a job (such as trimming the sails).

  • Move carefully and hold on. (One hand on the boat, one hand for your activity).

  • Keep from blocking the helmsman’s (driver’s) view.

  • Put cups in cup holders and when in motion hold/secure food and drinks to avoid spills.

  • Seasickness: Remember it’s not fatal. We have some Dramamine and Sea Bands but bring what you prefer. Avoid greasy food and too much alcohol consumption before boarding. If feeling queasy get on the leeward side of the cockpit, (opposite from the side the wind is blowing). Don’t go into the cabin! Let us assist you.
  • Last requirement is to have a great time!

Captain Dick and Admiral Cheryl