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  PROPERTY TYPE                
  POLICY TYPE   Standard   Standard    
  LOAN INSURANCE AMOUNT   Enhanced   Enhanced    
  OWNER INSURANCE AMT             ICL   ICL    
  REISSUE CREDIT (w/i 15yrs)   Commit fee   Commit fee    
  CLOSING SERVICES INSURANCE   Simul fee   Simul fee      
  COMMITMENT   Res. Endors   Res. Endors      
  SIMULTANEOUS ISSUE(S)   Comm Endors   Comm Endors      
  ALTA 5: ALTA 8.1: ALTA 9:     Reissue Credit   Reissue Credit      
  PREMIUM AMOUNT              
  Select Title Company:
Stewart Title
Commonwealth Title     **Minimum Policy Amount of $50.00.**      
Good Faith Estimate (for Lender) HUD Settlement Statement (for Attorney)
Your Charges for All Other Settlement Services       1100 Title Charges    
4. Title services and lender’s title insurance       1101 Title services and lender's title insurance    
  Full amount for Attorney fees (Uncheck to Use #6 Below)       Settlement or closing fee    
  Lenders amount for Title Insurance (Uncheck to Use #6 Below)       Owner's title insurance    
5. Owner’s title insurance       Lender's title insurance    
6. Required services that you can shop for     Lender's title policy limit      
Service   Charge     Owner's title policy limit      
Attorney Fees     Agent's portion of the total title ins premium    
Lenders & Owners Title Ins     Underwriter's portion of the total title ins prem  
INSTRUCTIONS: Title Insurance calculator >>>Note: Acess ONLY available in the white boxes<<< INSTRUCTIONS: GFE & HUD'S
1. Use "Tab" key to go to next field. Use drop-down arrow to select Property and Policy Types.     1. If lender is listing in #4 the required atty fees and/or Title  
2. Type amout of insurance coverages, both Loan and Owners. If there are simultaneous DT's;   Loan Policy, leave boxes checked & add total atty fees.  
add the amounts together.       If Lender allowing borrower to shop for attorney fees  
3. Reissue Credit: Type prior policy amount issued within 15 yrs. Developer credit per lot/unit/tract basis. and/or Title Ins, uncheck appropriate boxes under #4.  
4. Use drop-down arrow to select insured Closing Protection Letter coverage.   2. Boxes in #6 will change automatically. If attorney fee is  
5. Use drop-down arrows for the number of Commitments, Simultaneous issues & ALTA endorsements.   to be listed in #6. The box must be checked.    
6. Commitment fee applies to every commitment issued. 1 for a Simultaneous Issue; 2 for 1st & 2nd DT. 3. An additional line is available in #6.    
7. Simultaneous issue: Owners policy plus 1st DT = 1 fee; if 2nd DT = 2 fees.     4. Attorney's total closing cost is shown on line 1102.  
8. ALTA's 5, 8.1 & 9 fees apply to Residential loans. (For Commercial endorsement call for quote.)              
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